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The characters found in this story are only representations of real people. The situations found here are also representations. There is nothing to prove that the personalities match people inspired that exist or that any scene resembles any real event. Any original characters in this story are my intellectual property based on the known to the author people, being forbidden the use by others without my permission. History nonprofit made only fan to fan no intention to denigrate or violate the images of the artists and characters seen in this work.

 A simple time the technology was evolving in small steps until the arrival of a meteorite that hit our planet in full, the catastrophe was not huge, but as they say misfortunes never come alone ... Energy Force the new source of energy consumed the planet, from that brief moment technology has advanced ........ And nowadays ....

Intro 01: Clan Heir

 Antheun the great capital city, divided into various sectors, after the Energy force the Hibiki Clan receives various knowledge about such potential ... Brendan Hibiki, former leader of the clan fought bravely against the resistance called Red Infinity, birth of his son his legacy had just
 - I do not want, as I will do everything that he's done? Answer me master Elisangela
 - No to worry about Vini, you are leading member of the clan, think about the things you can do
 Vinicius had turned old enough to command the clan, with board of directors of his father Brendan Hibiki
 - Of course the most complex issues, his mother's account, but as you are of direct lineage everyone expects you to fulfill your training and finally be the great leader of the clan
 - I understood Master
 - But do not worry I'll be there, and remember that Leonam sent us a meeting statement
 Vinicius nods and walks out the door, a disinterested look disappears see more Hibiki s'his age
 - Hi Vini
 - Naomi ... hi
 Naomi takes away the sadness of Vinicius with a super hug
 - Still concerned about the things of the clan? Do not worry it will be okay hehehe
 Vinicius was gradually losing concern until after a while talking to Naomi meanwhile Elisangela talking to counselors
 - Are you sure it's time to appoint a position so important? I think for his sake, Vinicius must end your workout ... he lost his father very early and did not even see what the master Brendan was able to do Great counselors Ark and please Mides meet my request to postpone until Vinicius is ready
 Elisangela lowers his head as Mides walks to the sighting Vinicius window
 - I support your Elisangela opinion, Brendan was a very compelling person ... he fought for everything I loved, I believe that one day Vinicius will do the same, but it is too early
  Ark also goes to the window and calls Elisangela
 - He's too young, and so far has few friends he had not received a statement from Leonam school to get into that subject
 - Yes advisor Ark, but we will only know everything right when I get there in the morning
 Mides look with a loving tone for Vinicius looking back and pretends to be distracted by something
 - Same as father, Elisangela you and Vinicius must leave in the morning go to school and return Leonam with the result
 The next day, Vinicius and Elisangela leave for school, but just before ... Ark and Mides go to Vinicius Room
 - Vinicius ... we can talk before you leave?
 - We can...
 Mides runs his hand over the head of Vinicius
 - Decided to postpone his position as leader of the clan, you are still very new and has yet to complete his training ... clan issues can be resolved by the mother and to guide us as she did with her father
Ark pulls Vinicius to the window
 - You are one of the few children who are here, most of you will Leonam for you will be the future of Hibiki clan
 Vinicius smiled as he walked Elisangela pulls Vinicius and supports it, and together they go down into the city



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